One of the most popular times to visit Japan is during the spring when cherry blossoms (sakura flowers) are in bloom. The delicate petals fall from the trees, float in the gentle breeze and, if you're lucky, caress your cheeks before falling to the floor and getting trampled by the thousands of tourists gathered to gawk at their beauty. If you're like us and would rather avoid the crowds (or if you just can't get to Japan in time), you can enjoy these spring beauties on our bow tie. Best part is, you can take selfies with them all year long!


Spring Sakura in Nara features sakura blossoms on a red and pink background with gold detailing.


Attachment Options:


You can get this bow in 1 of 3 ways –

  • Velcro loop - A bow tie for your pet that attaches to the collar via a velcro loop
  • Head Band - The bow is attached to a hard head band for your human. Only available in sizes small & medium. We suggest getting a small unless your human a very large head.
  • Elastic Loop - A bow tie for your human or collar-less pet that comes with an adjustable elastic loop which clips around the neck. For humans, we generally suggest a size small unless he/she is like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.


Classic vs. Tri-fold Styles

For our super fluffy furiends (e.g. Border Collies, Aussie Shephard Collies, Goldens, etc.) we recommend getting the Classic Style as the bow will sit out further from the collar to give your luscious locks a bit more room.


The Tri-fold style is only available in sizes medium & large.

RTS-Spring Sakura in Nara

  • Size Chart


    Height (cm)

    Width (cm)

    Recommended For




    Toy poodles, chihuahuas, pug, boston terrier




    Beagles, bulldogs, cocker spani