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The head band attachment allows our bows to be worn on the (human) head. We have two styles of head bands to choose from: a wavy metal band or a standard plastic band. You can pair it with any of our bows (will be a standard size S unless otherwise specified). The bows slide onto the head band so you can adjust the position of the bow and change out the bows for different looks!


If head bands aren't your thing, we can attach the bow to a hairclip for you. The clips are made of durable metal and the bows are glued to the clip (bows cannot be interchanged between clips).


Please add the bow of your choice and your desired attachment to your shopping cart. If you are purchasing multiple bows, please drop us a note in the text box below to let us know which bow is meant for the head band and/or clip!

Head Band and/or Clip Attachment