If you've been around Chinese (specifically, Cantonese) people during the Lunar New Year, chances are you have heard GONG HAY FAT CHOY yelled out before fat stacks of red envelopes are thrown about. Gong hay fat choy literally translates into "wishing you extreme riches" in Cantonese (a Chinese dialect) and is customarily yelled out by children to their elders in order to receive red envelopes filled with money. We've put a slight twist to this traditional saying to because 2020 is the year of the rat based on the Chinese zodiac. Although many of us might not have a positive association with rats, in Chinese culture, they were often seen as a sign of wealth and surplus and married couples would pray to them for children. The rat is also the first of all the Chinese zodiac animals.


This bandana celebrates the Year of the Rat with cute cartoon rats and gold ingots. The back of the bandana is a bright red to bring you luck in the new year.


All our bandanas are tie-ups by default but we can add a couple snaps for free if you prefer a snap-on bandana. Just let us know when you're adding this item to your cart! If you want to add snaps, please let us know your pet's neck measurements so we can place the snaps on just right!



Gong Hay Rat Choy

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    5.5 in / 14 cm

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    14 in / 35.5 cm


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    13.5 in / 34 cm

    21 in / 55 cm

    24.5 in / 62 cm


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  • This bandana is made from 100% cotton so it can be washed in the washing machine (cold water, with like colors). After washing, a simple press will have the bandana looking good as new. If you have added snaps, please do not iron the snap-on buttons.