Up close look at our face masks

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

When I first listed the face masks on the store, it was mostly for fun. Some of my friends in the US are essential workers and I wanted to make and send them some masks to keep them protected while at work. After getting some orders and testing the masks on myself, I made some adjustments from the original mask (instructions here) I made.

Our store now offers two variations of the mask: one is an upgraded version of the original mask (original), and the second is one with pockets (with pockets).

The Original Variation

This face mask features a built-in nose bridge strip which allows the top of the mask to fit on your face tighter. These strips are malleable and can be bent multiple times. In our R&D lab (*ahem* living room), we found that the metal will snap in half after about 115 times of being bent back and forth. As long as you take care of the mask and don't bend the metal strip excessively, it should last a while.

The "With Pocket" Variation

This looks just like the original variation except there are some hidden pockets for the nose bridge strip and filters.

For both variations, the straps are elastic bands with a toggle spring stop. This allows for a better fit and is easier/faster to put on or take off the mask (especially one-handed).

The bottom strap also allows you to wear your mask around your neck when you want to catch a breath of fresh air and have no free/clean hands. #newtrendalert #sofashion