Dog Friendly Venues in Sanlitun, Beijing

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

We’re fortunate that we get to call Sanlitun our home and we have found it to be one of the most dog-friendly areas in Beijing. If you’re looking for places to brunch or go urban hiking with your dog, here some suggestions:

Dog on Taikooli statue
Queen of Taikooli

Taikooli (太古里) Shopping Center

The TKL Shopping Center consists of two areas: north and south.

South TKL (三里屯太古里南区) starts from Uniqlo (优衣库) located on Worker's Stadium Road (工体北路) and ends at Nali Patio (那里花园) to the north.

North TKL (三里屯太古里北区) starts from Opposite House Hotel and extends to the end of the block.

Both are outdoor malls so it's a fun place to window shop with your dog. Some stores also allow dogs in so it never hurts to ask (or just walk in like you own the place 😋). There's also usually some cool sculptures and wall decorations to take photos against/on. Most of our photos (on @brunoandmea) are taken in this area.

The 3rd floor of South TKL is filled with restaurants and when the weather is warm (usually between mid-April to October), most of them will have outdoor seating available. There’s a full list of ones we have tried at the bottom of the post but our favorite place to go for a special treat is Hulu. They have great food, tasty cocktails, amazing service and their terrace is beautifully outfitted with comfy sofa chairs and a view of the shopping center below.

Hulu by TRB

If the weather is too cold (or hot!) to sit outside, check out Elephant Grounds (1st floor on the west side of South TKL). This café is dog friendly indoors and has some really interesting dishes on their menu. Another dog friendly café to WFH from is There Will be Bread on the north side of TKL South.