Our Story


Bru's Bows is named after my dog, Bruno. He was found shivering in a cardboard box on the street by a rescuer who picked him up and sent out posters asking for fosters/adopters on social media. I saw one of these posters and even though I was not planning or ready to have a dog, I just knew I couldn't let anything happen to him. So began my journey into fur-parenting and interaction with the rescue community in Beijing.

As I learned and became more involved with the rescue community, I was constantly surprised by the kindness, generosity and selflessness of people wanting to help these stray dogs. And hearing success stories of dogs finding a loving home after a rough start is THE BEST THING ever.


This is what motivated me to start Bru's Bows and to turn a newfound hobby (making bows for Bruno) into a source of income for a rescue organization I volunteer with, The Lost Puppies of Beijing.

Making a Difference One Dog at a TIme

The Lost Puppies of Beijing is a group of volunteers dedicated to rescuing and finding homes for stray dogs from the streets and high kill shelters in Beijing. Up until October 2019, we donated 100% of our profits to The Lost Puppies of Beijing. Our 2019 donations amounted to $1083 and this has helped pay for the medical expenses (e.g. tests, vaccinations, sterilizing, and treatment of illnesses/injuries) for over 130 stray and shelter dogs...and over 86 of these dogs have gone on to find forever homes! 🏡🐕💗

Now that The Lost Puppies has a nice financial cushion and other income streams, I decided to turn Bru's Bows into a small business. We still donate 10% of sales to them and other rescues organizations in need.

For anyone that has donated to or purchased something from us, THANK YOU!! 🙏🥰 You have helped change the lives of at least a hundred dogs and even more humans. Though we wish we could save all the dogs, we're grateful to know that we've changed the world for our rescues.

Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.

Karen Davison

The Bru's Bows Team


Chief Emo Officer

Main job is to look cute and boss Bow Maid around. Occasionally models but only if he feels like it. Can't nobody tell this CEO what to do.

Bow Maid

Chief Everything Officer

Basically the only one doing any work around here and getting bossed around by Bruno. Look at him being all managerial in this photo.


Chief Eating Officer

New addition to our team courtesy of The Lost Puppies. Can usually be found looking for food and modeling (if that's where the snacks are).

Hand Crafted & Unique

All of our products are lovingly made by hand in Beijing from fabrics Bow Maid has sourced around the world.

We focus on unique patterns and keep our offerings to limited quantities so you and your pup will always be the ones #WhoWoreItBest 😛