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My Story

I was found in a cardboard box on the side of a street by a nice lady. She couldn't keep me so she posted my photo on WeChat (China's equivalent of Instagram + Messenger). This was the first photo my huMom saw of me and she instantly knew she had to "save" me. I brought such joy into my human's lives that my Mom wanted to help more dogs finds happy homes (and more humans to find happy dogs). 

After a bit of Jedi-mind tricking, I managed to convince my mom to set up Bru's Bows and donate a portion of the profits to The Lost Puppies of Beijing to help more stray dogs in Beijing find their furever homes.

About Bru's Bows

Bru's Bows is a one-woman operation currently based in Beijing, China.


My huMom (aka Bow Maid) is responsible for all operations (design, sourcing, R&D, production, marketing, order fulfillment, customer service) and feeding me.


I occasionally help by sitting or showing off my yoga skills on fabric that she's working on. I am 10/10 very helpful and the best boss. I even let her wear PJs to work. You're welcome, huMom.

About The Lost Pups of BJ

The LP of BJ is a group of individuals dedicated to rescuing stray dogs and puppies from the streets and high kill shelters in Beijing. Bru's Bow's profits help pay for the vet and medical bills these dogs incur. In the 6 months since they started in 2018/09, they have rescued and re-homed over 45 dogs. Connect with them through Instagram or their website:

Donations to Lost Puppies of Beijing

On their website, the Lost Puppies of Beijing publishes the donations they receive and how that money is spent on a quarterly basis. So, if you're interested in knowing how your purchase is helping save lives, click below:

We send our donations to them on a quarterly basis so sales/donations made towards the end of the quarter might not show up until the following quarter.